Sketching Fundamentals

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Sketching Fundamentals

Julia Bausenhardt
7 ratings

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This class is a foundational drawing class that will teach you basic sketching techniques. In this in-depth introduction, you will:

  • learn how to see like an artist,
  • explore different drawing techniques step by step,
  • create quick sketches from observation and
  • learn how to become confident with your line work.

I will show you how you can master basic drawing skills step by step. We will take a look at materials, mark-making and textures, understanding shadow and perspective, explore drawing techniques that complement each other, practice a lot so that you get visible results, and most importantly, you will learn how you can draw anything.

Although I created this class with a focus on sketching the natural world, the techniques presented will help you to draw any subject, and it‘s a great foundation for anyone who wants to start a sketching practice.

There will be a variety of demonstrations to show how I apply the concepts to a real sketch - with many different nature subjects: for example landscapes, trees and animals, and there will be lots of exercises and assignments for you to start your drawing practice and build skills.

This is a class focused on basics, so you will only need the most basic drawing tools: pencil, colored pencil, eraser, drawing paper. You don't need any special skills, the class is aimed at beginners or artists who want to revisit the fundamentals.

I hope you will join me for this class to explore sketching fundamentals and learn how to draw everything in nature with more confidence.

Choose how to take this class:

You can either take this class as a self-directed class at your own pace, or join me for a structured 8-week class with in-depth individual feedback.

ENROLLMENT FOR 8-week class is currently CLOSED! The course will be back next year!

The current run-through has started on September 26 (and ends on November 20 2022). You will keep access to all class materials afterwards.

You will need 1-2 hours every week for the lessons and exercises.

You will need an HB pencil, eraser, sharpener, a pad with drawing paper and a colored pencil of your choice. You can bring other drawing tools (pens, ink, marker, etc.) if you want to explore them, but they're not required. We will not cover color or painting techniques in this class.

Please note I can not extend or change the dates for the feedback phase since I too have a schedule. I will offer the feedback class again in the future, and hopefully it will work out then. :-)

Please also note I can only offer a full refund before the class has started. Once the class has started and especially if I have already sent you feedback, I will not be able to give you a refund anymore.

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Sketching Fundamentals

8 hours of video
Build a solid foundation for nature sketching
Learn how to draw anything
Over 50 demonstrations


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